How much does Gliding in Weelde cost?

The price for Gliding in Weelde is from € 69. This price is for 1 takeoff. You can choose extra options in the compose and order of the experience. Below you can see an overview of the different options you can choose from, with the corresponding prices.

How many starts do you want?

Gliding is available from 1 start. A flight takes about 15 minutes. Order multiple takeoffs when you want to fly more or with more people. The takeoffs do not have to be done by the same person, but they must take place on the same day

1 takeoff € 69   Most popular
2 takeoffs € 138
3 takeoffs € 207

Further good to know

Experience is not necessary. The season runs from April to october. You can also find the available days in the calendar of the experience.

There is a minimum age for participation of 8 year. The maximum length of the participant is 2.00 m. The participant must weigh a maximum of 100 kg, including their own clothes and shoes. If you order today, your ticket or gift certificate 2 year is valid.


  • Gliding is seasonal and has a limited capacity. So book well in advance, at least within 6 months of purchasing the voucher.
  • Order multiple take-offs if you want to fly more than once or with more than one person. The take-offs do not have to be flown by the same person, but on the same day.
  • Take-offs can only be made when there is sufficient visibility and the wind is not too strong.
  • If the agreed flight day is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, you will receive a message before 08.30 at the latest that you do not have to come. If you do not receive a message, you will come to the airport as agreed.
  • You are expected at 10.30 hrs at the gliding club.
  • The plane is for two people, one of which is our pilot. One person per plane can fly with you.
  • There is no catering facility at this location. Please bring your own lunch and drinks.
  • This experience can also be followed by English speakers.
  • Dogs are allowed on the field, but must be kept on a leash.

Already excited?

Want to know more about Gliding in Weelde? Please click on More Information to go to the product page. Here you will also find photos, reviews and the calendar with availability. Click on Customize to create and order your gift certificate or ticket.

Have fun!

About Eveline van den Boom

The author of this article is Eveline van den Boom. In 2006, she received her first flying lesson as a birthday present; a beautiful flight over Rotterdam. That tasted like more!

In 2010, she got her PPL licence in Lelystad. In 2011, an aircraft was purchased: an Aero AT-3. This aircraft is still flying in the fleet with callsign PH-EVB.

She wrote the theory books "Theory of Flying" and "Theory helicopter flying". These can be ordered with your flying lesson and are also separately for sale on

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