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Can you become a pilot if you wear glasses?

Can you become a pilot if you wear glasses? Blog

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As a pilot, do you have to have perfect eyes or can you wear glasses too? The answer will surprise you.

As a pilot, you have to be able to see very well, of course. Because flying is so fast, a small dot on the horizon can turn into a jumbo jet very quickly. Or you might accidentally park your plane in the farmland next to the airport. Oops!

The good news

You can wear glasses if you want to become a pilot, up to a power of -6 to +5. Less than -6 is sometimes even possible. Your eyes may also be lasered. Even if you are colour blind, you can often fly, but only during the day. Small disclaimer: apart from that, your eyes must be okay. The final judgement is, as always, up to the medical examiner.

Flight medical examination

The medical examiner tests your eyes during a flight medical examination. Your eyesight will be tested at a distance of 30-50 cm, 1 metre and 6 metres. If you wear glasses, you will be tested with and without glasses. Your distance visual acuity must be at least 0.5 for each eye. The eyes together must have a minimum vision of 0.7.

No medical examination necessary for your trial lesson

You only need a flight medical examination if you are going to fly solo. So for a trial lesson you do not need a medical examination. We have even provided flying lessons for people who could not see at all. Which is also a very special sensation!

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About Eveline van den Boom

The author of this article is Eveline van den Boom. In 2006, she received her first flying lesson as a birthday present; a beautiful flight over Rotterdam. That tasted like more!

In 2010, she got her PPL licence in Lelystad. In 2011, an aircraft was purchased: an Aero AT-3. This aircraft is still flying in the fleet with callsign PH-EVB.

She wrote the theory books "Theory of Flying" and "Theory helicopter flying". These can be ordered with your flying lesson and are also separately for sale on

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