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Can anyone fly or parachute?

Almost everyone can take part in the flying lessons, parachute jumps or flight simulators. If there are any restrictions regarding height, weight or age, these are mentioned in the experience. These may vary from one location to another. If necessary, use the product comparator to compare easily.

We do not recommend participation for people whose condition does not allow them to fly in an airliner or to drive a car. Depending on the package, pregnant women can participate up to approximately 30 weeks of pregnancy. If you suffer from car sickness or a weak stomach, please indicate this in advance so that it can be taken into account. If in doubt, always consult your doctor in advance.

Can I postpone or cancel the vliegles?

Yes, free of charge up to 48 hours before the vliegles. After that, costs may be charged, for example because the vliegschool can not book another leerlingen for that period, or costs have already been made.

Can there be passengers alongside the leerling?

Check the vliegles of your choice under Specifications. Here you can find how many people the vliegles is for. For some vlieglessen there is a small extra price for this. You never fly with strangers.

What time is the flying lesson or parachute jump?

Some locations allow you to choose your time when you make your reservation. At other locations this is not possible and you can indicate your preferences in the reservation form. The reservation form is the step after the payment. If you have not yet selected a time when ordering, you will receive a confirmation from the planner within two working days of your request.

How far in advance should I book?

This differs per type of flying lesson and the time of year. In spring and summer it is advisable to book well in advance, especially if you want to fly at the weekend. For gliding flights, it is best to book before the season starts. You will find a calendar with availability for each experience.

I am heavier than the maximum weight, is this bad?

Unfortunately, it does. You may not exceed the maximum weight indicated. This can be checked on the spot in connection with the safety of your flight. The maximum weight includes your normal clothes and shoes.

If you have already made a purchase and are overweight, you can always exchange your experience. You can use the product comparator to compare the maximum weights of different experiences. You can exchange the experience at any time, only paying the difference in price.

How old do you have to be to fly?

The minimum age for flying or parachute jumping is stated for each experience. To get your licence, other (legal) minimum ages apply. Solo flying during your training is allowed from the age of 16, exams can be taken from the age of 17.

This minimum age does not apply to any passengers in the back of the aircraft. Accompanied by an adult, they are allowed from the age of 4. However, the headphones must fit properly so that the hearing remains well protected during the flight. If in doubt, always contact us in advance.

How long is the gift card valid?

If you order a gift card today, it will be valid for 2 years. If you have already ordered a gift card, please check the validity date on the gift card. Older gift cards may be valid for a shorter period.

Can I also pay at the location?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The flight schools only schedule appointments when prepaid. This is done because of 'no shows'.

I have made a reservation but have not heard anything yet

If you have not heard anything after a few working days, please contact the planner at the location where you made your reservation. You will find the details in the confirmation of receipt. You should have received this confirmation immediately after making the reservation. If not, go back to the booking page and look up the contact details of the planning department.

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What does it cost to get a pilot's licence?

This varies per person. How many lessons you need depends, among other things, on your insight. How often you come to fly also plays a role. Depending on the type of licence you need a legal minimum of 30 (LAPL) or 45 hours (PPL). For a PPL, the investment is around € 15,000 and a year of lessons. In our Trivia section you will find an extensive article about the costs of flight training.

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Will my flight, parachute jump or flying lesson take place?

Some experiences are dependent on weather conditions or other external factors. After booking, you will have received a confirmation email. This will explain how to get more information about the flying lesson. In the same e-mail you will also find the telephone number and e-mail address of the planner of the location.
Don't you have this email anymore? Then go to the reservation page to request the details of the planner:

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Where can I find my air baptism certificate?

Once your voucher has been redeemed, you can download your air baptism certificate. To do this, go to the Reservation page and enter your voucher number. You will see a button "Create air baptism certificate". If you do not see this button, your voucher has not been redeemed yet. This may take a few days after your flight. At that moment you will also receive an email to write a review.

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Can I also receive the gift voucher by post?

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. You can print the gift voucher yourself and give it as a present. You can also show the voucher on your phone at the location. We can send you a nice gift pack with our theory booklet on flying a plane or helicopter. That way you have something tangible to give as a present. For more information:

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Can I change the gift voucher after ordering?

Yes, indeed! For example, you can extend the chosen package or even choose something completely different. Ideal if you like another flying lesson after all. No costs will be charged for this, you only have to pay the difference. The gift voucher is not exchangeable for money, so you will not get your money back if you choose a cheaper product. You can easily adjust it yourself by entering your voucher number on the reservation page and choosing Change Voucher:

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My receipt number is not working, what now?

Gift vouchers from always have 11 digits and no letters. If your voucher is not found check if it is still valid. With an expired voucher you cannot fly and it cannot be renewed.

Can I renew my voucher?

You can only renew a gift voucher if it is still valid. There is a charge for this. Please click on the following link and enter your voucher number to see if your voucher is still valid, the costs and to arrange it online:

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My question is not listed here...

You can of course also contact us via chat, e-mail or telephone.
Go to our contact page for this.

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